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April 3, 2018

March 16, 2018

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March 16, 2018

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May 9, 2017

 Best Lights in Case of an Emergency


Not all emergencies are created equal. The best options for lighting when the power goes out depend on the type and length of the outage. Since you may not know the duration of the power outage at the time it initially occurs, it is best to have layered solutions that match the progression of the problem.


Accidental and storm-related power loss is usually measured in hours or days, not often in weeks, and is usually understood at the time it occurs to be short in duration. Battery powered flashlights & lanterns and the leftover candles from the holidays are usually sufficient to get through the night and keep the Boogeyman away. You might even find the opportunity to rekindle romance or have a drink by candlelight enjoyable, once you get through the withdrawals brought on by the loss of technology. The obvious shortcoming of these light sources is they are only good for a few days – less if you forgot to stock up on batteries. Worse, the candles that your Aunt gave you for Christmas are probably scented and will give you a dull headache as well as spoil the aroma of Sandalwood for good.


Better alternatives during low-level disruptions are a solar flashlight like the Journey from Hybridlight™ and the 100+ Hour Ready Candle from the ReadyStore™. In addition to providing bright LED lighting without batteries, the Journey is waterproof and will also recharge your mobile devices through its built-in USB port. The ReadyCandle uses smokeless & odorless liquid paraffin and will light a standard room fairly well for nearly a month of typical evening use.


*Save the Light Sticks for the kids to play with or the next time you are exploring bat caves in Carlsbad.            


Moderate outages such as those caused by a regional event like an earthquake pose another level of need beyond the basics outlined above. When power loss stretches from days to a week or more, most battery-powered lighting will be near exhaustion. The novelty of candle-lit dinners will have passed. Those fortunate enough to have generator power will eventually run low on fuel. Solar-powered lights and accessories can provide a reasonable solution.


Another Hybridlight™ solar-powered product with more lumens is the Puc Expandable Lantern. The Puc uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and the same USB in/out found on the Journey flashlight. For those that want some music to fend off the boredom, Hybridlight™ also makes the Hex, a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a light source. It also has an FM radio and Micro SD Card Reader, making it the perfect tool in a power-challenged situation.


Additional styles of lanterns for lighting larger areas such as the old-school Hurricane Lantern will provide dependable lighting as long as the supply of lamp oil stays up.  


More severe and lasting outages like those that may result from a wide-area electrical grid collapse will require a radical adjustment in the way we live and interact with our environment. Rising and retiring with the Sun will become the norm. Life skills little used since colonial times such as candle-making and fire-starting will become common. In this extended outage scenario, larger capacity, solar products provide the best solution for lighting as well as other essential functions such as heating, cooking and communication.


Goal Zero™ has an array of solar products that will make the loss of the electrical system much more tolerable. 

Portable Power Stations, Medium Power Packs, Small Power Rechargers along with Solar Panels, Lights and Accessories, make this a one stop shop for all things solar.


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